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RHA Cabinet Members

The RHA Cabinet consists of:

  • The RHA Executives (5 primary executives that represent the RHA)

  • Area Presidents (9 area presidents who represent their residence areas.)

  • Ex-Officio Members (NRHH President and RHA Advisor, member of a body who is part of it by virtue of holding another office)



President of Orchard Commons Residence Association

Hello, my name is Seth, I’m the current president of OCRA and am a first year science student!


Matthew Douglas

President of Place Vanier Residence Association

Hi, my name is Matthew Douglas. I’m the current president of Place Vanier. I honestly love living in Vanier. Love the food, the ping pong table, the residents, the whole works. If I put as much effort into doing my schoolwork as I do working for Vanier, I might actually be a good student. But I don’t… No regrets. Though I’m the only one from Vanier with a profile here, my council also does TONS of work, so huge shout out to them. 

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Nasmaan Ibrahim

 President of Totem Park Residence Association

"Hi, my name is Nasmaan and I'm in my second year, majoring in Business and Computer Science. I struggled in my first year and I want to ensure that first-years don't struggle like I did so I joined the RHA to help make the transition to university life easier!"




Saif Patel

Hello! I'm Saif, the MDRA President for 2023-2024. I'm a third-year student majoring in Applied Biology in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems. My journey with the RHA began in my second year when I stepped into the role of a Sustainability representative. The tight-knit community I experienced during my first year in residence left a lasting impression, inspiring me to bring that same sense of connection to the upper years. Now, in my role as president, I'm not only continuing our sustainability efforts but also aiming to make Marine Drive a more connected and supportive community!

President of Marine Drive Residence Association



Aria Ikehata

President of Thunderbird, Fairview, Fraser Residence Association

My name is Aria Ikehata and I am currently attending UBC as an exchange student as a third-year student. My major is education, and I am in a teacher certificate program for English to become an English teacher in the future. I have lived in China, Switzerland, and South Korea in my childhood, and I can speak three other languages other than Japanese. This year I am the area president for TFFRA and I am excited to start my journey with the RHA.


President of tə šxʷhəleləm̓s tə k̓ʷaƛ̓kʷəʔaʔɬ Residence Association

Rebecca Malfair

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am the tə šxʷhəleləm̓s tə k̓ʷaƛ̓kʷəʔaʔɬ 2023-2024 president. I am a third year majoring in psychology! I’m excited to have been part of the RHA for almost 2 years now and get to know so many people and make memories :) 

Amber Dhaliwal

President of Gage Residence Association

"Hi! I'm in my fourth year at UBC, with a major in economics + mm! It is my fourth year in the RHA. My favourite spot on campus is the rose garden!"



Anet Scaria

Hi, my name is Anet Scaria and I am the 2023/2024 Area President for Ponderosa Commons! I am in my fifth year in the Faculty of Science, majoring in Biology. I absolutely love Ponderosa Commons because it really is situated in the heart of campus - there is also no other residence that allows you to roll out of bed and be seated in your class within 5 minutes! My involvement in the RHA goes back to my first year when I was a floor rep in c̓əsnaʔəm house. I took a brief hiatus because of COVID, but rejoined the RHA as VP of Finance for PCRA, before becoming Area President. My goal as Area President is to create more community among residents in Ponderosa Commons, as it can be harder to meet people compared to first year, through various social programs, while also advocating for the needs of residents.

President of Ponderosa Commons Residence Association

Udayaanshu Roy

President of Exchange Residence Association

I'm Udayaanshu Roy, a mechanical engineering student at the University of British Columbia. When I'm not diving into my studies, you'll find me shredding trails on my mountain bike, getting hands-on with the latest robotics project, or chasing the perfect shot with my camera.


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