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Who are we?


The University of British Columbia Residence Hall Association (RHA) is an organization of elected students that represent all residents living on campus. We are committed to building community and enriching the residence experience through programming and advocating on the behalf of its residents.


The UBC RHA is the largest RHA in Canada, and as of 2020, UBC has more on-campus housing than any university in the country, meaning our RHA will continue to grow in terms of members. These members have a strong interest in leadership and take on active, committed roles within the residence community. The UBC RHA has eight area residence councils which are each dedicated to the growth and student life in that specific community.


Some of our main areas of focus include student renters’ rights, accessibility to campus resources from within residence, community building, the “ultimate first-year experience”, supporting students in personal and academic pursuits, fostering leadership, and more!

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